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derrière la marque


Born in Paris in 1984, to a journalist mother and a DJ father.
I graduated from the School of Fine Arts in 2008.

At the origin of various projects ranging from the creation of a photographic travel guide, to the opening and management of an art gallery in Brussels - enriched by these experiences -

all this gave me the passion to travel into my daily life and to question my origins.

It was this path that brought me to the world of crafts, which became a passion.
Working with the material is a pretext to question my cultural heritage, my multiple origins. So I model memories, shape my vision of the world, mix possibilities.

The creation of Maison Prude is the sum of all these years of experience:

ranging from the landscape of the Himalayas with all its colors to the wild rhythm of the jazz notes that rocked my childhood.

My collections aim to highlight the idea of diversity.
It is a mixture: of culture, material and aesthetics.
Like me.

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